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The hair removal industry is evolving. Shaving is only a quick fix. Waxing is painful, can burn your skin and leave serious damage. And laser hair removal is costly, requires multiple sessions before any results, and can cause burns, blisters, discoloration, scarring and even radiation exposure. All this, for a service people are paying for!

There has to be a better way. And now, there is.

sugaringLA was founded to provide clients with an elevated, more effective treatment for hair removal, and is now set to upend the beauty industry. Using all natural, organic products, sugaringLA uses the traditional method of sugaring to remove hair with a modern twist. Sugaring removes unwanted hair by applying a paste of only three simple ingredients – lemon, water and sugar. Whereas waxing is applied in the same direction as hair growth, causing hair follicles to break in half and cause pain, sugaring is applied in the same direction that hair grows, making it more effective and less painful. And, sugaring uses a cooled mixture that does not adhere to skin, unlike hot wax that pulls off skin cells and causes irritation. Now, sugaringLA is franchising for the first time to bring this service to all body types across the country.

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Unlike any other

Despite years of little improvement or advancement in hair removal techniques, clients are still paying for painful and ineffective treatments. However, sugaringLA is ready to transform the industry with its use of a cleaner, safer, and more effective hair removal process called sugaring. Once clients try sugaring, they become hooked on its effectiveness.

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Set to scale

People looking for better hair removal alternatives become instant converts once they try sugaring, which is why the franchise is ready to expand across the country. sugaringLA has developed an easy-to-operate, easy-to-scale business model that’s ready to be duplicated in prime markets all over the U.S.

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Learn the founder’s method

Getting in on the ground floor of an emerging franchise holds many benefits. At sugaringLA, all new franchise owners receive hands-on, personal training by sugaringLA’s support team. sugaringLA has experienced instant success at its locations in southern California, and Danielle Correia has the expertise to teach and mentor new franchisees how to replicate that success in new desirable markets. The level of support at sugaringLA simply can’t be matched by other franchise systems!

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Customer Testimonials

This is not only a very private thing to get done, and yet the girls always make you feel so comfortable and at ease. They’re very attentive when it comes to discomfort or pain, they ensure to give you the best results and take great care of you. I love this place. It’s so clean the staff is amazing and in a beautiful area.

Krystina R. Honestly, I love coming here!

Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality. I chose to go to sugaringLA for my first ever sugaring experience last year and I have been going ever since. I absolutely love this place! Everything is nicely sanitized and clean, they make you feel welcomed, and everyone is super nice. I always book my appointments with my sugarist, she’s the best! If you are hesitant about coming here to get sugared, don’t be!

Jaila C. I absolutely love this place!

It’s not really easy to do men grooming for me, because I find this very personal and somewhat embarrassing. This place however, makes it easier for me to do! First of all, the sugarists are super friendly and professional. They’re very understanding of me feeling embarrassed and timid. The place is extremely clean and classy. I really recommend this establishment to men who despise hair down stairs.

Jesse C. The Sugarists are Super Friendly and Professional

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