Where Are We Growing?


Make no mistake about it – sugaringLA is a perfect fit for any community. People want an alternative to old, painful, and irritating hair removal services. Indeed, sugaringLA’s growth potential is huge, because so many people use hair removal, and it’s a recurring service.

People seek out hair removal for both beautification reasons and medical issues, making our client pool huge. Add the fact that sugaringLA offers an alternative that is organic, clean and good for you it’s clear why the franchise is a perfect fit for markets all over the U.S.

“sugaringLA is set to expand all across the country over the next five years, there’s just no reason why it shouldn’t be in every major U.S. city,” says Anna Garland, sugaringLA Training Coordinator. “With where we’re at in society, we want to protect our planet and want to be less wasteful. sugaringLA accomplishes that. Sugaring is so much faster than other options like waxing. Why would you sit 45 minutes through the pain of waxing when you could be treated in 20 minutes with an organic and far less irritating product like sugaring?”


sugaringLA has developed a business model that works, which can be easily replicated and successful in other locations. Already, sugaringLA boasts locations all over California, and the brand is taking that concept to the next level by bringing it across the country. Now as a franchise model, sugaringLA can take its proven playbook and resources to make it easy for franchisees to replicate that success.

“We’ve really simplified the process for franchise owners to bring this to new markets,” says Meg Conway, Chief Marketing Officer for Franworth Beauty Division. “Consumers are looking for holistic and organic ways to take care of themselves. They want non toxic and organic methods for managing beauty. And sugaringLA is upending that space. It’s coming at the right time when consumers want an alternative for hair removal that’s going to be better, healthier and less painful for them.”


We’ve found the perfect sugaringLA franchise owner is someone passionate about the beauty industry and is eager to see their business grow. sugaringLA wants to provide its revolutionary hair removal service to people all over the country, so it’s important for a franchisee to see the potential of the brand and want to help launch it into the world – all while making money at the same time.

“I’m very excited to be working with our franchisees and helping mentor them and make sure their sugaringLA studio is just as successful as our other locations,” Danielle Correia, Founder of sugaringLA. “We want them to have all the keys and knowledge to give our clients the best service and experience. Our franchisee training is incredibly thorough, especially because sugaring is such an art and skill. But with our Beyond The Surface training program, we’re excited to put our franchisees through it so they can come out strong and confident.”


sugaringLA is offering open territories in prime markets all over the U.S. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to get in on the beginnings of a brand that’s set to take the industry by storm, fill out our inquiry form here to start a conversation and receive more information about the sugaringLA franchise opportunity.