What is the sugaringLA Brand Story?


Danielle Correia, founder of sugaringLA®, always had a passion for organic, natural beauty care, as well as quality hair removal services. For years, it seemed the two were at odds. The traditional methods people use for hair removal – waxing, shaving, laser treatments – often use chemicals, are painful, and cause damage to hair and skin.

Undaunted, Correia set out to find the perfect solution for hair removal, ultimately leading to the first sugaringLA location in 2011 in Santa Monica, California. With a mission to bring clean, painless, and effective hair removal care, sugaringLA uses the ancient technique of sugaring with an understanding that people want comfortable, quality earthly care.

“Organic beauty is really the wave of the future,” Correia says. “People don’t want to put chemicals on their skin. They don’t want to be burned or have their skin ripped off. They don’t want radiation. Sugaring, as much as it’s an ancient art, is modernized now. And with our Smart sugaring technique, it really offers superior, elevated results over other hair removal methods without having any recovery time. When you get sugared, you are out the door and your skin is nice and smooth, unlike other treatments that leave you red, hot and irritated.”


Confidence is key in developing every sugaringLA studio. From the moment you open the door, customers are invited into a warm, comfortable, and relaxing environment, all catered to providing the best personalized care in the industry. From the front desk receptionists to the sugarists, our team is there for the client.

“We’re here to make everyone feel comfortable,” Correia says. “We want our space to be inviting and have a calm feeling. Our clients feel empowered after leaving a sugaring treatment. Sometimes, it’s hair that bothered them and made them feel insecure. Other times, the hair doesn’t look so great and can affect their confidence. But they leave our studio feeling confident. It all starts here.”

sugaringLA isn’t just about hair removal. sugaringLA is about the whole experience. We take the time to get to know our clients, their needs and conditions, as well as educate them about our products and services. One by one, sugaringLA is winning over customers who want a better alternative to the traditional methods of hair removal.


With virtually zero competition in this niche hair removal industry, sugaringLA is in a prime position for expansion. Simply put: customers want a better, organic alternative to hair removal, and sugaringLA is one of the only brands in the industry that specializes in a treatment that works – sugaring. On top of that, sugaringLA has perfected a business model that has already seen tremendous popularity and can be easily replicated in communities all over the U.S.

“sugaringLA is about to take the world by storm simply due to the fact it’s all organic and safe for your skin,” says Jamie Gilbert, Vice President of Operations. “It trumps the old out-dated method of waxing. Our products are sustainable and biodegradable. We are the alternative to waxing, meaning we are safe and gentle on the skin. We don’t cause harsh breakages on the skin, and our results are long lasting. Everytime you come back in for an appointment, your hair begins to grow back less and less. It leads to permanence in that respect.”


Recently, sugaringLA partnered with Franworth Beauty Division to be better positioned to bring its services to communities across the country. Now, aspiring entrepreneurs can invest in a business model that works and can be replicated in new markets.

“Investing in a franchise is a really big decision, and part of the reason Franworth Beauty has partnered with sugaringLA is because we bring so much horsepower to helping franchisees feel good about their investment,” says Meg Roberts, CEO of Franworth Beauty Division. “We have more than 400 years of experience in onboarding and training. Providing that expertise to sugaringLA makes it a brand ready to skyrocket. You can be certain your investment is in good hands, and you’re going to get the support and service you need the entire time.”


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