How Big Is The Demand?


The hair removal industry is valued at over $3 billion, and it’s not hard to see why. Americans are seeking better self-care now more than ever, and have come to value the in-person experience that comes with visiting your local beauty shop.

The reasons for hair removal truly span the entire swath of the population. Of course, people who seek out hair removal do so for beautification reasons, whether it’s looking great for a special event or a day at the beach. But oftentimes, reasons for hair removal can be serious – medical reasons, for example.

“Anyone who wants hair removal, we will get the job done,” says Jamie Gilbert, Vice President of Operations. “Whether you’re an athlete, suffering from PCOS, or just want to look good on the beach, we service every hair type, skin type, and age. And we’re also a studio that promotes a very warm, comfortable, and inviting experience.”


Who wants to pay for pain? People who seek out hair removal are historically left with little options. They can shave, only to have hair grow back in a few days. They can get a wax, and have their hair and skin torn out, leaving redness, irritation, and sometimes worse side effects. Or they can get laser hair removal, which carries its own host of issues.

sugaringLA® has it figured out. The team has perfected the sugaring technique to finally make it mainstream.By specializing in one line of service and using a product that is effective and safe, sugaringLA is able to deliver an experience that customers have long been looking for. And once they’ve tried it, they’re hooked!

“Our sugar paste is made of sugar, lemon, and water, as opposed to wax, which is a derivative of pine resin,” says Anna Garland, sugaringLA Training Coordinator. “A lot of people have pine sensitivities that they’re not aware of, which can cause negative reactions. Wax also adheres to everything, including live skin. Sugar, however, does not. It’s a better option, which also gets a fuller, cleaner service. It’s a great option that’s an organic alternative and doesn’t generate a lot of waste. Plus, sugaring has been around since ancient Egypt, so I’m not sure how wax became the go-to for hair removal when sugaring has been around a lot longer.”


The beauty industry has always been a profitable and evolving opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. But now, more than ever, the industry is seeing unprecedented growth. Over the past three years, Americans have placed more value than ever on self-care. Not surprisingly, after the shutdowns related to the pandemic, clients came back in droves wanting the personalized experience of in-studio care.

“It’s a great time to get into the beauty industry,” says Danielle Correia, Founder of sugaringLA. “We were closed during the pandemic, and the day we were able to open back up, our doors were flooded. We were so busy, we couldn’t keep up with demand. A lot of people can’t shave, wax, or do sugaring on their own. And some have actual skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis, so it’s like a medical service for them. It all proved this business and industry is bulletproof, and people are always going to want their beauty services. We’re living proof of that.”

All the while, sugaringLA has stayed true to its mission of providing quality, personalized care in a calm, relaxing environment: “We’re growing, but we’ve stayed true to who we are and make sure that resonates through with all our estheticians and our team.”


In the past few years, there’s been an increasing demand for products with natural and simple ingredients, rather than unpronounceable chemicals. Simply put: people want to know what they are drinking, eating, and yes, putting on their skin.

sugaringLA offers an Earth-first product line with all natural and organic ingredients that are calming to the skin. No matter what age, skin, or hair type, sugaringLA has the perfect product for you. Our trained, professional estheticians are the experts in helping clients find what’s right for them.

“Organic beauty is really the wave of the future,” Correia says. And with our Smart Sugaring technique, it really offers superior, elevated results over other hair removal methods without having any recovery time. When you get sugared, you are out the door and your skin is nice and smooth, unlike other treatments that leave you red, hot and irritated.”


To learn more about the sugaringLA opportunity, fill out an inquiry form today to start a conversation with us. sugaringLA is looking for aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion to help people in prime territories all over the U.S.!