Sugaring is skin care.

Ask about our total skin care approach. Before and after treatment.

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Sugaring is organic.

Sugar, lemon and water. You could *eat it! *Avoid with wax and lasers.


Sugaring exfoliates.

Sugaring *exfoliates skin naturally. *Waxing and lasers can’t offer this.


Sugaring is easy.

Frequent visits remove immature hairs that wax and lasering can’t.


Follow our 4-Steps, to be hair free.



Choose from one of our 5 locations below.

You can book with us via phone call, text or the mindbody app.



Avoid exfoliating the area being sugared, two days before/after your appointment.

*Note — hydrating skin regularly softens hair follicles & enables easier hair removal.



Arrive for your appointment 5 mins early, with clean dry skin — no lotions or oils.

*To reschedule — read more about our late cancellation & no show policies.



Rebook your service for 3-5 weeks.
This refines your hair for easier removal.

*Note — rebooking your next visit at check out, also gives you a sweet discount.


Book your appointment.


We’d like to introduce you to the Swoop™ – our new Brand mark.

I’ve always loved the definition of craft: ‘an occupation or trade requiring skill with the hands or as an artist.’

Most sugaring studios tag sugaring as a practice where ‘art meets science.’ While I don’t disagree with this, I personally want to be about “the craft of sugaring.” When I look at the Swoop, it represents everything I feel about sugaringLA.

— Danielle (Founder and CEO, sugaringLA)


Be Intentional.

At sugaringLA we constantly strive to be intentional about every detail of our business. We offer our clients, industry leading services — from booking — through treatment — to check out. Our intention is to create fun, thoughtful and productive environments, for clients and staff alike. This page is dedicated to our intentions.

Clean and Organic

Since the beginning, sugaringLA has been intentional, about clean and organically sourced products. This includes what we sell, what we use for our back bar products, as well as our cleaning supplies that we use to keep our studios ready for action. We use only natural products containing the purest ingredients and properties. Our custom sugar paste consists of organic sugar, lemon and water.

If you have sensitive skin, then sugaringLA’s your ideal destination. With so much information available today about how toxic chemicals are for our bodies – we’re proud that many of our products are plant based and free of harmful chemicals. We choose products that list ingredients individually, so you’ll know exactly what you’re putting on your body. We prefer nutrient rich products, full of benefits like: antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. All said, we’ll always be intentional about using and offering products that are the safest available.