SugaringLA FAQs

What is a sugaringLA® hair removal franchise?

SugaringLA saw a need in the hair removal industry, and quite simply, filled it. For too long, clients had to suffer through painful hot wax treatments or non-dependable laser hair removal. sugaringLA, however, was founded on a method that utilizes organic, simple, and clean ingredients. Using just sugar, lemon, and water, sugaringLA offers a healthier and more effective hair removal option. And once customers discover our service, they’re hooked! Now, sugaringLA is ready to bring its services and products to more communities across the country. With an easy-to-operate, easy-to-scale business model that generates recurring revenue, an organic product line that truly works, and world-class support from a leadership team with more than 400 years of experience in franchising, now is the time to invest in sugaringLA.

How much does it cost?

New franchise owners investing in their first franchise can expect an initial investment of $294,750 – $388,700. This estimate is for one sugaringLA franchise and includes the franchise fees and three months of estimated start-up costs and operating expenses. Actual costs will vary depending on the geographic location, the final size of the shop, and a variety of other factors.

Do you offer financing?

While we don’t offer direct access to financing, sugaringLA has close relationships with a variety of industry experts in financing, SBA Loans, and 401K rollovers. Get in touch with our team to learn more about your financing options.

What is the net worth requirement?

Potential franchise owners are required to have a net worth of at least $400,000 with access to $150,000 in operating capital.

What is the royalty fee?

The monthly royalty fee is 6% of monthly sales.

What kind of experience do I need to open a sugaringLA franchise?

While you do need to have a licensed esthetician on staff to perform the service, no experience is needed to invest in and operate a sugaringLA franchise. While previous experience in the beauty industry is a plus, aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion for self-care and being part of an emerging new franchise are perfect qualities for any sugaringLA franchise owner. The fact you don’t need any previous experience is truly a testament to the training and support programs developed by sugaringLA and Franworth Beauty Division. We’re here to make you the expert not only in providing our products and services, but also running a business.

What kind of training does sugaringLA provide?

SugaringLA has created a comprehensive training program made to make you and your team sugaring experts. SugaringLA and the Franworth team are always available to support you and help you grow your business for the life of the franchise.

What does training include, how long is training, and where does training take place?

We will teach you to master every aspect of the business model. From how to manage your team, how to use our POS system, how to manage inventory, how to market effectively, how to network in your community, and what makes our service offering so unique and our product line so effective. By the end of training, you will be an expert in all things sugaringLA.

I’ve never marketed a business before, does sugaringLA provide assistance?

Yes! SugaringLA helps you reach your community locally, while also building its national brand. Your marketing fees go to support efforts to drive sales and awareness, Your brand fund contribution will support the development of the brand, including website support, national SEO, collateral development, and ongoing brand awareness. We also support you with local marketing playbooks to provide the direction that you need to succeed in your market.

I’ve never built a store before, does sugaringLA help?

Not to worry! From day one, our corporate team helps you not only find the best possible location in your community, but also provides assistance with the entire real estate process, including lease negotiation, construction, training, grand opening, and ongoing support for the life of the franchise.

How do I find premiere locations for my new store?

Our real estate team will work with you on every step, identifying, examining, and assisting with lease negotiations. We use the latest technology and mapping software to review key data, demographics, and consumer purchase behavior in helping you select your location.

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