How Much Does It Cost?

Low Cost Investment with Excellent Profit Potential

SugaringLA® is one of the most exciting and revolutionary brands to sweeten the hair removal scene in years. By specializing in sugaring hair removal, sugaringLA stands as one of the only brands to focus on hair removal that’s safe, painless, and clean in the industry.

SugaringLA recently began franchising in the hopes of not only bringing this amazing alternative hair removal service to customers all over the U.S., but to also allow a path to as many aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion for both business and helping people as possible.

That’s why sugaringLA is dedicated to keeping investment costs and entry level barriers low. New franchise owners can expect an initial investment of $294,750 – $388,700, which makes sugaringLA one of the most affordable and accessible concepts in the hair removal category. And that initial investment includes the cost of build out, grand opening expenses, marketing efforts, and three months of working capital.

“People often ask ‘Why franchise and not just start your own business?’ And I say, ‘Why would you do something on your own when you can get so much expertise joining a team?’” says Meg Roberts, CEO of Franworth Beauty Division. “We want to be part of a community, and franchising connects you with experts who want to help. We’re there to help through the hard times, celebrate the good times, and prop you up for the future. That’s what franchising is all about – it’s buying into a model and system that’s tried and true.”

What do I get for my Franchise Fee?

The franchise fee for sugaringLA is $60,000, and this gives you access to our tried and true business model, our revolutionary and proprietary hair removal processes, and one-on-one training and ongoing support from our founder Danielle Correia and team, who built sugaringLA from the ground up. SugaringLA specifically offers large, protected territories in prime growth markets, and our early adopters will get the right of refusal in neighboring territories, so there is a big opportunity to have an outsized impact as we grow across the country.

Do you offer Financing?

While sugaringLA doesn’t offer direct access to financing, we have relationships with third-party lenders who can help you explore financing options. Please fill out an inquiry form here to start a conversation. We’re happy to talk through financing options with you!

Dive Deeper into Costs and Fees

For a comprehensive overview of the costs and fees associated with owning a sugaringLA franchise, please fill out a form below to get in contact with our team!