Interview with VP of Operations: Jamie Gilbert

VP of Operations for sugaringLA Discusses Franchise Opportunity

If you’re considering investing in a hair removal franchise, you won’t want to miss this interview with Jamie Gilbert, the VP of Operations at sugaringLA. In this insightful interview, Jamie discusses what sets sugaringLA apart from other hair removal franchises, and shares her experience working with the company.

Jamie Gilbert

Why sugaringLA?

What I find so exciting about sugaringLA is the fact that we are able to sugar every body, any person who wants hair removal. They visit a sugaringLA to be comfortable and leave feeling confident.Whether you’re an athlete, whether you’re suffering from PCOS, or you’re just the type that wants to look good on the beach, we service every hair type, every skin type, every body type. We are a studio that promotes a very warm, comfortable and inviting experience. Earthly care is what sets us apart, and we’re very excited about it.

Why do customers love sugaringLA?

Customers keep coming back to us because we are the alternative to waxing, meaning we are safe and gentle on the skin. Our sugaring mixture is made of all organic ingredients. It’s sugar, lemon and water, you can practically eat it. Wax is hot and made from man-made chemicals that are not safe for any skin type. Sugaring pulls the hair and dead skin cells off your skin, whereas waxing pulls off your live skin cells, which is very uncomfortable and doesn’t last as long as sugaring. Our results are lasting, meaning that every time you come in for an appointment, your hair begins to grow back less than less. So it’s almost permanent in that we are refining your hair and providing the ultimate in skin conditioning.

We also have a new client special where we offer two services for the price of one. The goal for that is to get people in for the second visit, because that’s when you really see the magic of smooth glowing skin. When skin is still smooth after three or four weeks, they’re hooked. They know sugaring is the most elevated form of hair removal they’ve ever experienced.

What is a typical day for a sugaringLA franchise owner?

A typical day would be mostly about the client experience. That’s who we serve. First and foremost, managing the staff is always fun and exciting. We hire very skilled estheticians to join our teams, as well as warm and knowledgeable front desk staff. Our primary focus is client experience all of the time: that warm, inviting, comfortable feeling. We want clients to come in and feel comfortable experiencing what we were all about. You also really need to love skincare, you need to love people, you need to love the fact that you are providing a service to them that is going to make them feel super confident and ready for whatever their day has in store for them. If that’s just going to work, doing a triathlon, if you’re a bikini babe on the beach, or if you want to keep some of your body hair, that’s totally fine with us, as long as they leave feeling confident. We want people to feel comfortable while they are here, and leave feeling confident.

What makes sugaringLA unique?

What makes our business model so unique is that it’s warm, simple, and confident. SugaringLA provides an elevated operationally simple franchise system with sustainable growth, ongoing support, and body friendly products. We have a very specific Smart Sugaring technique, as well as our Beyond The Surface education program that we provide to all staff. This is how we ensure we are comfortably delivering lasting confidence to all franchisees as well as clients.

What is special about sugaringLA products?

The products we use at sugaringLA are the same products we use in the treatment room. They are specifically formulated to work anywhere on the body at the intersection of hair and skin. Our products are also important when it comes to pre and post sugaring care. Our Earthly Care products and our Earthly Care Membership, as well as our business model, stem from this earthly care aspect of our business. Meaning the experience we provide to our clients, from the sugaring treatment to the product they take home after their visit, is very intentional in that we strive to give every body the individualized service they need to feel confident.

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If you’re looking to invest in a hair removal franchise, sugaringLA is definitely worth considering. With our all-natural products, welcoming environment, and strong focus on safety and cleanliness, we are well-positioned to grow in the competitive world of hair removal. As Jamie says, “We really believe in what we do, and we’re excited to bring the sugaringLA experience to more people.”

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