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Danielle Correia, Founder of sugaringLA Discusses Why Now

Check out this recent interview with Danielle Correia, founder of sugaringLA, to gain insights into the inspiration behind the brand, the benefits of sugaring, and the importance of community.


Why has sugaringLa grown so much over the past few years?

SugaringLA has grown so much in the last few years, because it’s really an elevated technique of hair removal, superior to other methods that people traditionally use and know about. A lot of people still don’t know about sugaring. So that’s why we’re here and very excited to be able to bring sugaring to the world.

How is sugaring different from other hair removal methods?

Our sugaring method really goes beyond the surface of hair removal. We aren’t here to just remove the body hair and send you on your way. It’s about the whole experience. It’s about our education, our training, our skin conditioning, it all encompasses what we do here. Sugaring is superior to other hair removal methods because we use simple ingredients including lemon, sugar, and water. Our sugar is never hot, so it’s never going to burn skin. It’s never going to lift skin. It pulls hair out in the natural direction. So it’s not deforming the hair follicle or tearing that hair follicle, which waxing does. There’s no radiation, there’s no chemicals. So really, it’s a superior method of hair removal. And it’s great for everybody. So all ages, all skin types, all hair textures. That is the reason we just love sugaring so much, because it’s great for every body.

What is the culture that you’ve built with sugaringLA?

At sugaringLA, we are here to make everyone feel comfortable. We want our space to be inviting. All of our estheticians, our front desk, everybody gives off a comfortable and calm feeling. We want our clients to feel ready for everything they’re doing in life. And it usually starts here. They feel comfortable, and then they go out and feel confident in their wonderful smooth skin.

What makes the perfect sugaringLA franchise owner?

I think the perfect franchisee is going to be somebody passionate about the beauty industry and who loves providing a place for their employees to be able to thrive and grow. It’s also about offering them a safe, comfortable space to work. I’m excited to figure out who those perfect franchisees will be. Obviously somebody who loves growth. I love growth. I want to be able to offer this service to everybody, so it’s really a franchisee who sees the potential of sugaring and understands it. They should love the service, and want to help get it out there to the world and make great money at the same time.

Why is now a great time to invest in sugaringLA?

It’s a great time to get into the beauty industry. COVID proved that for us. We were closed down for 11 months in LA, and it was very difficult. But the day we were able to open back up, our doors were flooded. And we were so busy, we couldn’t keep up with the demand. People said, you know, I can do my own hair and nails, but cannot do my own brazilian, and I just love sugaringLA, and I miss you. And we really had a lot of clients as well who can’t shave, they can’t wax. Sugaring at home isn’t always the easiest. And they have actual skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, PCOS, and it was like a medical service for them. So that really proved to me that this business and industry is bulletproof. People are always going to want their beauty services, and we’re living proof of that.

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If you’re looking to invest in a hair removal franchise, sugaringLA is definitely worth considering. With our all-natural products, welcoming environment, and strong focus on safety and cleanliness, we are well-positioned to grow in the competitive world of hair removal.

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