How To Prepare Your Face for Sugaring

Days Before You Arrive at the Sugaring Studio 

Sugaring your face isn’t something that can be done on the fly. There are a few steps you have to take before going in and getting your facial hair removed.

Check out the state of your face. 

For one, make sure your skin doesn’t have any irritations, allergies, or traumas the days leading up to your appointment. Sugaring specialists recommend waiting until your skin is fully recovered from skin peeling, burns, acne, and other irritations before sugaring your face. At SugaringLA  you can schedule a consultation for a test patch if you have any  questions or concerns.

Consider your schedule. 

When you make a sugaring appointment for your face, think about the rest of your day. Avoid making plans to go to a tanning salon, pool, gym, or spa the same day you’re sugaring your face because that will sensitize and irritate the skin.

The Day You’re Sugaring Your Face 

Have a shower or wash your face under running water to make sure your skin is ready for hair removal. For the best results, your skin needs to breathe, so keep your face makeup-free.

What you shouldn’t put on your face for the appointment 

In the same vein, do not apply oil-based skincare products to the face. This includes oil-based creams, serums, and lotions. The oil can potentially make hair removal less effective and irritate your skin afterward. Most sugaring specialists recommend simply cleansing your face and coming to the studio without skincare products on your face, oil-based, or not. 

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Remember to breathe; it will be over before you know it! 

To make the experience as enjoyable as possible, come into the appointment with the knowledge that although sugaring is less painful than other forms of hair removal, it’s not painless. 

That being said, every professional sugaring specialist wants you to be as comfortable as possible because they know that stress only heightens the pain. They will do their best to accommodate those with low-pain levels. At the end of the day, you might have to grit your teeth, but the smooth skin and hair-free face will be worth it. 

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After Sugaring Your Face 

Avoid sun exposure to the best of your abilities. Also, definitely don’t go for a swim or run. Your face needs to stay as calm as possible for the rest of the day. You can apply makeup two hours after sugaring if you absolutely need to, but if you can, try to go the rest of the day barefaced.

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