How to Have The Perfect Sugaring Experience


Everyone wants to have the perfect sugaring experience, but clients are often left in the dark in terms of how they can help achieve that. Although it may not seem like it, there are a variety of ways that you can boost your experience getting sugared, and perhaps even achieve that perfect service! Let’s explore how you might go about doing that.

Getting Ready

Before coming in for your session is the crucial time frame that can impact your experience at sugaringLA. When we say “before coming in,” we are referring to the weeks leading up to your session, the few days before it, and the day of; this is your time to get ready.

The getting ready time can lead to both good and bad things, depending on you. You could intentionally leverage this time to optimize your experience or leave the fate of your skin to chance. The best-practices below are the most important things to keep in mind; not only will these guidelines help maintain the health and quality of your skin, but they’ll also enable our estheticians (or Sugarists) to do the best job possible.

Avoid Exfoliating For Two Days

Safety is one of our top priorities at sugaringLA. It’s why we created our own plant-based paste using just three ingredients: organic sugar, lemon, and water. That same commitment to safety is also why the first best-practice we’ll tell you is aimed at preserving your skin’s health —

  • Do not exfoliate during the 48 hours prior to your sugaring session.

You might be wondering: why should I avoid doing something that’s hailed as a gold-standard in skincare? The answer lies in the science of exfoliation itself, and how it translates to the context of sugaring.

Exfoliation works by stripping away any dead skin cells that lie on the outermost layer of our skin; this is typically a good thing because it replenishes our skin’s surface with a fresh layer of young, healthy cells. Via exfoliation, we’re essentially able to augment our daily glow. However, this poses a major risk to your skin’s overall integrity if you’re planning to get sugared soon. Two days isn’t nearly enough time for your body to grow more cells below the healthy layer that has just been exposed. So, when our Sugarists apply and remove the all-natural sugar paste from your skin, it will inevitably rip away many of those new, good skin cells. This is because sugaring is a form of exfoliation in and of itself — the paste works to remove that top layer of skin just like traditional exfoliation does. When you get sugared immediately after exfoliating at home, you reveal a layer of skin that is not yet ready for exposure.

This is essentially a form of over-exfoliation — it destroys your skin’s natural protective barrier and leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of environmental bacteria, and thereby infection.

Verify Your Hair Length

The last thing you want to happen is to come in and get sugared, yet leave to find out you have the same amount of hair in all the places you were treated. That’s just a bad dream for both us and you. Unfortunately, our team is not able to sugar any hair that is shorter than a certain length — 1/8th of an inch, or about the same length as a grain of rice. Any shorter than this and there simply isn’t enough height or surface area on the hair follicles for our paste to adhere to and remove them.

That’s why we strongly urge our clientele to verify that their hair is at least 1/8th of an inch in length before coming in. If you pass the 1/8th-inch-test, then you’re in the clear! Even if you measure much longer than this, don’t worry about trimming it down: our Sugarists will handle the rest. If your hair isn’t long enough yet, don’t sweat it! Hair grows 1/8th of an inch every four to ten days on average, depending on the body part and your unique cycle. We recommend waiting a week to re-measure; it’s more than likely that your hair is now the ideal length for sugaring!

Moisturize Consistently

Consistently using a moisturizing agent like sLA’s Hemp‘ful Healer is a great way to build the overall health and texture of your skin, but did you know that it can also drastically improve your sugaring experience? 

Moisturizers are able to penetrate your skin’s surface in order to rehydrate it. As their name suggests, they trap moisture, and this is what leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. As you moisturize consistently for a few weeks, that quality of softness will begin to emerge in your hair follicles, as well. This serves to elevate your sugaring experience because softer hair follicles promote easier and less painful removal, and who doesn’t want that?

The sugaringLA Standard

The sLA standard is our promise to deliver the best sugaring experience anywhere, not just in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. For over a decade now, the sLA story has been defined by our dedication to two fronts: refining our craft of this sugaring itself, but also transforming the quality of our services to meet every client’s needs. The sLA brand is built at that intersection — where technical expertise meets service excellence. A place where you can finally enjoy the perfect sugaring experience.