The Do’s and Don’ts of Sugaring


Sugaring has been around for millenia — even Queen Cleopatra herself relied on the hair removal technique back in Ancient Egypt! The fact that it has stuck around for so long speaks to the immense value and benefit offered by sugaring. Not only is it less painful than conventional hair removal techniques, but it also yields permanent results over time! However, just like waxing or laser hair removal, sugaring comes with its own set of nuances that can impact the success of your session. Today, we’re going to give you a full-scale breakdown on the do’s and don’ts of getting sugared. Let’s dive right in!

Preparing For Your Session

The first step in getting sugared actually starts well before you get to the salon. In fact, there are a number of things you can do — and avoid doing — to ensure you have a successful session. Let’s go through what you should and shouldn’t do before you get sugared.


  • Verify hair length

Make sure your hair is at least a quarter inch long — about the size of a grain of rice. This will make it possible for the sugar paste to adhere to your hair shaft and allow removal of the follicles in one application. Check with your Sugarist to find out what hair length is ideal for them. Even if your hair is longer than ¼ of an inch, do not trim it! Our specialists are still able to sugar longer hair.

  • Exfoliate

A few days before your appointment, lightly exfoliate with your sLA exfoliating mitt to get your dead skin cells out of the way. This helps hair below the surface break through the skin so that they aren’t left behind when the sugaring is done. However, do not exfoliate the day before, day of, and day after your treatment.

  • Minimize pain and discomfort

Prior to the appointment, try and wear loose-fitting cotton clothing to minimize discomfort after the session. Also consider taking an over-the-counter pain reliever about 30 minutes before the session to minimize what little pain you may experience.


  • Do not shave on your own

Try not to use razors or depilatory creams between sugaring treatments; this interferes with your goal to refine and diminish hair growth, and to have smooth and healthy skin.

  • Do not apply topical products

For about 24 hours before your sugaring, avoid applying any kind of lotion, moisturizer, or deodorant on the areas that you wish to receive treatment on. Furthermore, we cannot sugar anyone who has been using a retinoid cream — prescription or OTC. You must be off it for at least 6 months prior to any form of hair removal. Try to avoid tanning the days leading up to your session.

  • Do not consume coffee and alcohol

On the day before and day of your treatment, stay away from coffee and alcohol. Both of these substances work to dilate and tighten your pores, which is undesirable for sugaring.


While preparing for your sugaring session is certainly important, it is just as important to take the right steps after your treatment to mitigate irritation and promote the health and quality of your skin. Let’s explore some of the do’s and don’ts of post-treatment.


  • Play the waiting game

We recommend you wait at least 48 hours before engaging in any exfoliation, exercise, swimming in water, or even exposing your treated areas to direct sunlight. Any of these activities can cause irritation and discomfort.

  • Utilize pain relievers

If the sugared area is feeling tender, consider applying a cool compress. You can even take an over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce any swelling. Don’t be alarmed if you see slight pinking of the skin, as this is normal and should go away within a few hours.

  • Work to prevent ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are a common complication that most clients want to avoid. To prevent them, we recommend checking out our sLA Hemp’ful Healer! It’s a soothing, earth-based oil serum that works to prevent blemishes and ingrown hairs altogether. We designed it specially to moisturize the skin while promoting holistic healing throughout.


  • Avoid tight clothing

This tip only applies if you had your genital area sugared. If this is the case, stay away from any sexual activity for 24 hours after your treatment to reduce the chance of rubbing and irritating the skin.

As sugaring can sometimes leave the treated skin sensitive, we advise our clients who experience this to avoid wearing any tight-fitting clothes for a day or so after their session. This includes things like yoga pants and leggings. On a similar note, you should avoid the gym as well. Exercise can cause friction and sweat, both of which could potentially irritate your sensitive skin. 

  • Do not touch the sugared skin

During the hours after your session, it’s possible that your skin will be sensitive. You might feel compelled to touch it. Do not do this! Hair removal in general leaves your pores more open than usual, which puts your skin health at risk since unwanted bacteria can get in when you touch your skin. 

That’s all for now, folks! Those were the key do’s and don’ts of getting sugared, covering both pre-treatment tips as well as post-treatment recovery. We hope they help make your sugaring experience go that much smoother — no pun intended!