Before You Get Swoop’d —

  • Please, no exfoliating the area to be sugared, the two days before your treatment.

The Day You Get Swoop’d —

  • Sugaring works best on clean skin — so we ask you to come in fresh and ready.

  • Our sugar adheres best to clean skin — avoid lotions, potions, and oceans that day.

Busy day? No time to cleanse your service area prior to arrival? We’ve got you covered!

Our restroom facilities are well stocked with amenities to help you freshen up, to feel ready and your best.

  • With any face service, we recommend doing a test patch.

  • We’re always happy to test any area you have concerns about.

  • We can remove hair from any body part that’s 1/16” or longer.

After You Get Swoop’d —

  • For best after treatment results: wait two days, then exfoliate and moisturize daily.