Being Intentional

At sugaringLA our mission is to inspire every body, mind and spirit. We do that with the transparent way we treat each customer as well as the way we have designed our inviting environment and deliver our individual, industry-leading treatments.

Harm Free

If you have sensitive skin, then sugaringLA is your ideal destination. We’re proud that our transparent range of simple products are plant based and free of harmful chemicals. We choose products that list ingredients individually, so we all know exactly what’s in them. We always utilize nutrient rich products, full of benefits like: antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities.

Safety First

We are intentionally trained professionals in the prevention of viral and bacterial transmission. All instruments used during services are disinfected with Barbicide and cleansed with water for each client. After every service, our beds are thoroughly disinfected using verified medical grade CaviCide wipes. We maintain absolutely pristine studios, so you will leave us every time feeling clean and refreshed.

Inspire Every Body

To be warm, inviting, and inspirational is the positive intention we set each day in our studios. In support of this, we politely ask all of our guests to keep their mobile devices silenced when entering our spaces as a courtesy to other clients. Please take any important calls outside, so we can keep our good vibes intact, thank you.

Industry Leading

Our sugarists learn the sugaringLA way, via extensive and ongoing training with our Founder and CEO, Danielle. SugaringLA’s industry leading technique is different from other studios, and absolutely unique to waxing or lasering. We are confident that you won’t find as flawless results anywhere else.

Thank you for your ongoing patronage and support.
If you have questions or comments please contact us.