The sugaringLA way

SugaringLA products and methods are the healthiest and most effective method of removing body hair in the world. Our proprietary sugar paste is so earth and human friendly, you can eat it! Our unique technique methodically works the paste into your unique follicle thickness and direction. Working the paste into the follicle ensures more consistent removal of the root hair, which provides longer and better results. SugaringLA results can last up to 4-6 weeks, due to higher likelihoods of entire hair root removal.

We use only clean and natural products containing the purest ingredients. Our proprietary sugar paste consists of: organic sugar, lemon and water. It’s also bio-degradable, hypoallergenic, vegan friendly, and never applied hot.

You won’t find as flawless results anywhere else, we’re confident.


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  • Avoid exfoliating any areas being sugared, two days before and after your appointment.
  • Avoid sun tanning for 24 hours before and after.
  • Avoid trimming your own hair.

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Remember to arrive for your appointment 5 mins early, with clean dry skin (no oils or lotions on the areas to be sugared).

  • Also, if you need to cleanse before your arrival, our restroom facilities are stocked with the appropriate hygienic amenities.
  • We can remove hair from any body part that’s 1/8” or longer.

    *Note — maintaining well moisturized skin, contributes to softening hair follicles, which always enables the easiest hair removal.


Moisturize your skin daily to optimize skin health and to keep your hair follicles softest and the easiest to remove at your next visit.

  • We recommend rebooking your services for every 3-5 weeks. This will assist in refining your hair systematically, equating to easier, more pain free hair removal with each repeating appointment. And that can only be good.
  • Every two days, use your special sugaringLA exfoliating glove to gently exfoliate your skin to remove unwanted skin build-up and support easier, more pain free hair removal with each visit!

    *Note — when you rebook for your next visit during check out, be sure to ask about our special rebooking discount.

“Beyond the surface. That’s our promise as we take care of you.”

— Jamie (Client and Director of Operations, sugaringLA)