What is “sugaring”

Sugaring is a superior method of removing body hair, with a literal ball of sugar paste.

What’s in sugaringLA sugar paste?

Our paste is organic sugar, lemon and water. It’s also fully bio-degradable and hypoallergenic. The only preservative we use is lemon, which is all natural. Also intentionally, our paste is vegan friendly, gluten free and never applied hot.

Is sugaring like waxing?

Sugaring and waxing are both methods of hair removal, but they are very different methods.

How is sugaring superior to waxing?

  • At sugaringLA, we only apply sugar paste at room temp…(“wax” is always applied HOT!)
  • At sugaringLA, we methodically work the paste into your follicles, in the opposite direction of your hair growth (in contrast “wax” can only be generality applied onto clients skin with a stick.)
  • At sugaringLA, working the paste into the follicle ensures more consistent removal of the root the hair…providing a longer and better result. (“wax” can’t be worked in, only applied)
  • At sugaringLA, skin exfoliation is an added benefit of our service (“wax” can’t offer this.)
  • At sugaringLA, results can last 4-6 weeks, due to higher likelihood of entire root removal. (“wax” breaks most hairs off at the surface, resulting in shorter term results of 2-4 weeks.)

Is sugaringLA sugar paste safe for my skin, hair type or age?

Yes! If you have sensitive skin, be sure to inform your sugaringLA Sugarist. We strive to be abundantly knowledgable on many varied skin sensitivities, skin types and hair textures. We also welcome sugaring clients as young as thirteen and older.

Is sugaring more expensive than waxing?

We don’t track or compare the average sugaring service rates versus “wax” services…but –

At sugaringLA, our Sugarists are specialists, trained in our proprietary method of sugaring. After sugaring nearly 15 years, our founder is considered one of the leaders in our industry. Danielle continuously seeks to innovate and elevate the sugaring experience for our clients. We believe our standards within each studio are the highest in the industry.

Can I fill out the client waiver ahead of time?

Yes! To get a jump on it – fill out this form (prior to your visit) and save time.

Does sugaring hurt more than waxing?

Well, hair removal hurts (…’beauty’ hurts 🙂 with that said, (always with a big smile) YES! However! Because sugaring removes the hair and root (unlike “wax”) over time, the roots and hairs become thinner and weaker, thus easier each time for both client and sugarist.

What’s the difference between a Brazilian, extended, bikini, and Manzillian?

For Women’s services, click here to view our diagram for an explanation of each. We offer all three and variations on them.

For Mens’ services, click here.

How often should I sugar?

  • As often as every 3 weeks. Sugaring can remove hairs as short as 1/8 of an inch in what’s called the antigen stage. Frequent visits help deplete the hair follicle over time, which results in treatments becoming less frequent. (Results will vary from person to person.)
  • You must have at least two weeks of hair growth after shaving.

Can I sugar if i’m pregnant?

Absolutely. SugaringLA uses only biodegradable, hypoallergenic products. Free of chemicals, resins and toxins.

Can I sugar if i’m menstruating?

For sure. Some clients, however, can occasionally be a bit more sensitive this time of the month…feel free to inform your Sugarist.

Can I sugar if i’m using Accutane?

No, it’s not recommended. Accutane causes severe dryness. It’s suggested to wait, at least 6 months after discontinuing use.

Can I sugar if I’m using retin-a or renova?

These products cause thinning and shedding of the skin. It’s suggested to wait, 25 days after the initial shedding process has ended.