Be Intentional.

At sugaringLA we constantly strive to be intentional about every detail of our business. We offer our clients, industry leading services — from booking — through treatment — to check out. Our intention is to create fun, thoughtful and productive environments, for clients and staff alike. This page is dedicated to our intentions.

Clean and Organic

Since the beginning, sugaringLA has been intentional, about clean and organically sourced products. This includes what we sell, what we use for our back bar products, as well as our cleaning supplies that we use to keep our studios ready for action. We use only natural products containing the purest ingredients and properties. Our custom sugar paste consists of organic sugar, lemon and water.

If you have sensitive skin, then sugaringLA’s your ideal destination. With so much information available today about how toxic chemicals are for our bodies – we’re proud that many of our products are plant based and free of harmful chemicals. We choose products that list ingredients individually, so you’ll know exactly what you’re putting on your body. We prefer nutrient rich products, full of benefits like: antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. All said, we’ll always be intentional about using and offering products that are the safest available.

Proudly Pristine

We take sincere pride in the cleanliness of our studios and strive to offer the best possible experiences for each client. Hair removal is often considered an intimate service, so we do our best to help you feel as at ease as possible. Our approach starts and ends with a clean, relaxed space. We hope you notice that our procedures are meticulously detailed and in place to ensure as pristine an environment as possible.

All instruments used during services are disinfected with Barbicide and cleansed with water for each client. After every service, our beds are thoroughly disinfected using verified medical grade CaviCide wipes. Our intention is for our studios to be sparkly clean so that you leave every sugaringLA visit feeling clean and refreshed.

Calm, Comforting and Fun

Our intent is to have calm and comforting, yet fun vibes in our studios. So, we politely ask guests to keep mobile devices silenced when entering our spaces as a courtesy to other clients. Important calls should be taken outside so we can keep our good vibes intact, thank you.

Gratuitas Welcome

Gratuity (n.) “graciousness.” French gratuite, or directly from medieval latin gratuitatem (nominative gratuitas) probably from latin gratuitus “spontaneous, voluntary,” from gratus “pleasing, agreeable” — it’s our intent to hire the most talented Sugarists in the industry and train them to sugaringLA’s industry leading standards. Our Sugarists work hard and our clients are kindly welcome to leave gratuity for services.

Period Blues in the Key of U

If you woke up this morning, intent to Get Swoop’d, but found your monthly bill unfortunately arrived early… Don’t fret! Our experienced Sugarists will help you through. While some clients do just fine with an ibuprofen, we understand not everyone’s the same. Sensitivities are heightened during this time of the month and if you’re concerned about feeling uncomfortable during your treatment, we’ll be more than happy to rebook you and waive our late cancellation fee - just let us know.

Pets and Service Animals

We certainly adore your four legged friends and family members and they are more than welcome in our studios. Please be mindful of our other guests as we want to ensure an amazing sugaring experience for all sLA clients.

*Service animals are protected by federal law to accompany their handlers — questions? Call the ADA: 1-800-514-0301

Industry Leading Rates and Services

sugaringLA is intentional about creating an organic, non-toxic environment in each studio, so each client can receive the best treatments.

Our Sugarists go through extensive training with Danielle, our Founder and CEO, to learn sugaring the sugaringLA way. Our industry leading technique is different from other studios, from waxing or lasering. You really won’t find as flawless results anywhere else. We’re confident.

sugaringLA believes, our Sugarists and Studio Coordinators are why we lead the industry today. We also believe that if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. With this in mind, sugaringLA has been committed since day one to establishing a company culture where employees can receive: competitive pay, health benefits, paid sick days, time off to de-stress and even enjoy paid vacations. These are uncommon employee benefits in our industry… But they are the proud standard at sugaringLA.

Thank you for your ongoing patronage and support. If you have questions or comments please reach us at hello@sugaringla.