Sugaring 101: How Does It Work?

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Most people have used a razor blade to try and get rid of unwanted body hair. Shaving, however, can lead to many unpleasant side effects such as razor bumps, rashes, and hair growing back at lightning rates. That’s why so many people are looking for ways to safely and effectively get rid of hair- without all of the trials and tribulations that come with shaving. If you are in this tribe, you probably browsed around and looked at different hair removal techniques. 

There are many different kinds of hair removal techniques, such as traditional waxing (very painful), hair removal creams and mousses (which are not always reliable), laser hair removal (fantastic, but takes several sessions and is expensive), threading (only works for small areas), and sugaring. Just like you can make out from the name, sugaring is a technique that utilizes sugar to get rid of body hair in unwanted areas. It is also a technique that causes a lot less pain and discomfort when compared to waxing. How, exactly, does a material commonly found in pantries everywhere get rid of prickly stubble from your head to your toes? Read on to get all of your questions answered about this sweet technique for body hair removal

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What is sugaring?

Sugaring is an ancient hair removal technique that has existed in human society for thousands of years; since the times of ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Of course, everybody is curious about whether or not this technique utilizes real sugar to get rid of hair. The answer is yes! Sugaring uses a specific mixture of sugar, water, and lemon to formulate an extremely sticky concoction that clings to the hair to get rid of it without ripping at the skin. It is a highly similar process to waxing, but many people say that it is a less uncomfortable process to go through and a lot gentler on their skin. So why is sugaring thought of as being less painful than waxing? Unlike waxing, sugaring adheres only to the hair and dead skin cells, minimizing any redness or discomfort after treatment which leaves you smooth and hair free ~ naturally. 

What this means is that sugaring is typically  gentler on the skin than waxing and is a lot less irritating to all skin types. 

Since the sugar paste  is concocted from lemon, water, and sugar, sugaring (different from the wax generally utilized for waxing) is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and able to be created using organic ingredients. Moreover, not only is sugaring a lot less painful than other hair removal techniques, but it also provides another added benefit. Sugaring is typically significantly faster than waxing, since you can cover a much bigger surface area in one go. It is also water-soluble, unlike wax, so any sticky sugary residue is easily cleaned up with a soothing warm towel. 

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How does sugaring work, exactly?

When they hear about sugaring, many people wonder how rubbing real sugar on your limbs can end up rubbing off your hair. The first thing to remember is that for sugaring to be effective, the hair has to be grown out, just like with waxing. You want to aim for one-eighth to one-fourth inch of stubble for the sugary paste to stick to. Moreover, applying and taking off the sugar paste is essential to making sure proper hair removal occurs. When accomplished in the right way, sugaring is a great way to pull hair out at its very root. The process is relatively simple; a licensed esthetician applies the sugar paste in the opposing direction to how it grows, allowing the sugar to seep into the hair follicle and adhere to it. The sugarist then utilizes a flicking motion to remove the paste and the hair in the natural direction of hair growth. This kind of technique can be remarkably effective in removing the hair. 

With sugaring, the esthetician doesn’t have to use a strip of paper as you do in waxing to rip the hair off. Instead, they use a smooth ball of caramel that gently rolls onto the skin. The sugar is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth while seeping into the hair follicle and adhering to it, then flicked off in the natural direction of the hair growth preventing less pain, hair breakage and ingrown hairs while leaving your skin smooth, exfoliated, and flawless. 

While a single sugaring treatment won’t be able to stop your body hair from growing back, if you come back for repeated sugaring sessions, it can assist in discouraging the growth of hair completely (just like waxing or using an epilator). Sugaring your body hair regularly will not only noticeably diminish hair growth, what ends up growing back can take more time to appear and is quite a bit finer, making it easier to get rid of and less noticeable. 

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Which areas of the body can be sugared?

Just like waxing, when it comes to sugaring, pretty much everywhere on your body is game, from your eyebrows to your legs to your bikini area. You can get “sugared” in your upper lips, legs, arms, back, check, and bikini area, which includes a full Brazillian. The most popular service for sugaring is typically the Brazillian. 

How long do results from sugaring last?

You can get rid of hair temporarily after a single session, and generally results are able to last three to five weeks. If you choose to commit to a regular sugaring schedule- taking into account that extra week or so of additional growth due to the fact that you have to grow a certain amount of stubble for the sugar to adhere to- it generally works out to booking an appointment about once every month. The tiny hairs on your body can start to grow back at around two weeks, and depending on the individual body area you’re having sugared, one session can last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. 

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